Is Paddleboarding Right for You?

Once you’re hooked on paddleboarding, it is hard to stop. However, From the outside, paddleboarding can seem like quite the undertaking. So how can you tell if paddleboarding is right for you?

     1. You want to spend more time outside. 

If you are looking to spend more time outdoors, time on the water is hard to beat. Paddleboarding makes time in nature even more enjoyable by making you an active participant. With only a floating board between you and the water, you are able to connect in a completely new way, while still staying comfortable. Plus, the vantage point means that you are able to see into clear streams and lakes better by being several feet above the surface. 

     2. You want to get more exercise.

Let’s face it, not everyone longs to spend hours in the gym each week. While there are plenty of fitness trends to jump on, it can take some time to find one that fits into your schedule. No one wants to mindlessly slog through one workout after another. Paddleboarding offers an alternative to other fitness outlets, and can help you build strength, balance, and cardio. Best of all, it doesn’t feel like a workout. It’s a chance to explore.

     3. You want to be more adventurous. 

Paddleboarding lets you build an adventure package that suits your taste. On one end of the spectrum, those seeking an extreme adventure can paddle on multi-day camping trips, take their paddleboard down winding rivers, or try paddle surfing in the ocean. On the other end, leisure adventures might look like exploring new lakes, rivers, and inlets, incorporating paddleboarding into vacations, or simply changing the scenery when hanging out with friends. 

     4. You want to improve your mental health.

It seems like everyone is looking for some way to address their mental health, and getting exercise is almost the number one recommendation for putting that into action. While it won’t replace professional help, exercise can decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety in most cases. In addition to physical activity, paddleboarding can help your mental health in other ways: as a relaxing activity in nature, it can help relieve stress, rhythmic paddling acts as a form of active meditation, and it can act as a way to connect with others or spend time alone, depending on your wellness needs. 

     5. You want to learn a new skill or find a new hobby.

It’s said that variety is the spice of life, yet many of us get stuck in the same routines. Learning a new skill can help you continue to grow mentally and physically while providing a fun, rewarding outlet. As you gain competence on a paddleboard, you can gain self-confidence, increase happiness, and get unstuck from mental ruts, mindsets, and unhealthy habits.



If this sounds like you, then the next step is to find the right paddleboard for you. Our paddleboards are designed for 85% of paddlers. People who are looking for a quality, multi-purpose board. You can find the size that is right for you, then pick your favorite design.