Paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay fit.....And with our Buoy paddleboards, you can do it in style.

Innovative - Colorful - 3-Year Warranty - Durable
Unbeatable Pricing at $499

Our 10'6" Recreational paddleboards are perfect for beginners or those who want to take things easy. They're stable and durable yet still light enough to maneuver easily. And they have a carrying capacity of up to 260 lbs, so you can bring all your gear.

Each paddleboard is bundled with everything you need for your next adventure on the water.

No matter which model you choose, you will enjoy hours of fun out on the water with our Buoy Watersports paddleboards.

What Makes The Buoy Watersports Paddleboards Better?

11'6" Tall

The Recreational Paddleboards are all 10'6"! Perfect for beginners that still want style and speed.

DiamondGrip EVA

Comfortably keep your feet on the board with a large surface area of DiamondGrip textured foam EVA!

Coiled Leash Attachment

Don't worry about falling and losing your way with the coiled ankle leash that conveniently attaches to the board.

Sturdy Travel Bag

Every paddleboard comes in a sturdy storage bag with everything you need!


These paddleboards can easily be moved from the shore to the water by just one person!

Bungee Straps

With Bungee Straps at the nose, you can quickly secure and store extra gear.

Removable Fin

The rigid and durable bottom main fin is removable for easy storage in the included bag.

So Much More!

There are too many fantastic features to list. Click on any of the products for more information on the new Buoy Watersports paddleboards!