Explore our range of Recreational kayaks.

Our recreational kayaks are designed for easy paddling sessions on calm waters. We designed these kayaks to be stable and easily maneuverable, so you can enjoy each paddling session regardless of your level of experience. 

We want to take the hassle out of your next adventure, so each kayak comes with everything you need to set up your kayak and start paddling.

Take your paddling adventures to the next level with our Tahoe and Powell Recreational Kayaks.

What Makes The Buoy Watersports Kayaks Better?

Built For All

Whether you're a beginner or been on the water your entire life, the Recreational Kayaks was built for you!

Storage Pocket

Keep your belonging close by! Every kayak has a mesh storage pocket at the nose.

Rigid Bottom Hull

Our drop-stitch floor is a separate inflatable section to keep a rigid hull.

Sturdy Travel Bag

Every kayak comes in a sturdy storage bag with everything you need!

Adjustable Footrests

Long or short legs, these velcro foot rests move when you need them to and stay put when you don't!

Adjustable Seats with Storage

The seat is removable and adjustable for easy cleaning and custom comfort spacing. Plus a pouch in the back for extra storage!

Removable Fin

The rigid and durable fin is removable for easy storage in the included bag.

So Much More!

There are too many fantastic features to list. Click on any of the products for more information on the new Buoy Watersports kayaks!